Operating Cost Comparison Results

The approximate cost for your current heating system is shown below based on the information you provided. We recommend that a heat loss analysis is performed on your home by a certified heat loss professional.

Current Annual Heating Cost:


Geothermal Annual Heating Cost:


Total Savings:


Based on the information provided for Oil – Cast-iron head burner (old furnace), with an annual space heating load example, comparable operating costs for a geothermal exchange system would be $930 annually or a savings of $2440. This represents a 72% decrease in operating costs. Results may vary depending on climate and other heat-loss factors. All calculations are approximate and are not guaranteed to be accurate.


Home heating and cooling

Consistent Temperature

Geothermal systems eliminate indoor temperature swings that often occur with traditional systems. Geothermal maintains a steady room temperature, resulting in unparalleled comfort.

Quiet Operation

Geothermal pump quietly circulate fluid through the heat exchanger – there is no combustion. Geothermal systems can also replace the need for old, noisy air conditioners.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Geothermal heating and cooling systems produce cleaner air than conventional fuel powered HVAC systems.